Department 8

Macedonia during the Young Turk Regime

The period of the Young Turk regime (1908 - 1912) is the final stage of the Ottoman rule in Macedonia. During this period part of the Macedonian revolutionaries accepted the possibility of cooperation with the Young Turks, hoping that within a democratic and remodeled Turkey most of the important issues as the agrarian, social, educational, religious and other issues will be solved, affording the Macedonian population equal civil rights with all Ottomans. With his participation in the Young Turk revolution and supporting the Young Turks government, the Macedonian revolutionary forces expected political autonomy for Macedonia. Leaders of these representatives of the Macedonian national liberation movement were the governing forces of the Serres, Strumica and Thessaloniki Revolutionary District, including the Bitola Revolutionary District.




He was a Turkish statesman, military strategist, political activist, reformer and the creator of modern Turkey. He attended military school in Bitola, and as an officer he took part in the Young Turk Revolution in 1908. Then, he participated in the Italian-Turkish War (1911-1912) and the Balkan wars. As Chief of the Headquarters of the Turkish Third Army based in Thessaloniki he greatly contributed to the suppression of the counter-revolution of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. In the period from 1919 to 1922 he participated as commander of the Turkish forces in the Greco-Turkish War in which Turkey took her victory. In the period from 1923 to 1938 he performed the duty of First President of the Republic of Turkey.
АХМЕД НИЈАЗИ БЕГ (1873-1913)

AHMED NIYAZI BEY (1873-1913)

He was an Ottoman officer, commander of the Ottoman garrison in Resen (Southwest Macedonia) and the first who launched the Young Turk revolution in 1908, as an effect of the authoritarian regime of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.
He was an Ottoman dignitary, a military and civil activist, and Governor General of the three Macedonian vilayets: Thessaloniki, Bitola and Skopje in the period from 1902 to 1908, and also the initiator of the plan for a ruthless Ottoman pacification of Macedonia and for providing minimum civil rights, to be expanded continually, by way of reforms and that would lead to full coverage of the civil and political life of the Macedonian population.
IBRAHIM TEMO (1865-1939)
He was an intellectual, a journalist, member and founder of the Association of Albanian writers and a professional physician, born in Struga, Macedonia of Albanian origin. He was a founding member of the Young Turk Organization, the Committee of Union and Progress, along with Mehmet Rashid and Abdullah Cevdet. Subsequently, this Committee rose to a political party which actually was among the factors for organizing the Young Turk Revolution. He died in Romania in 1939.